All About Sardinia: Things To Do In Sardinia

Sardinia boasts of a great variety of different things that you can do and that will keep you occupied while you are there on vacation. There are of course the more traditional things you can, such as going to the beach and enjoying delicious sea food. There are plenty of ways to relax while you are on the island. There are those, however, that are more adventurous and want to do some more interesting things while they are on vacation. Here are a few of the more interesting things you can do while on vacation or visiting Sardinia.

Architectural Tour

Architectural highlights in Sardinia include:

  • The 13th century Cagliari cathedral used to be in a former arsenal and bronze objects. Roman ceramics and artifacts from the Nuragic age to the Byzantine era displayed in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari.
  • Sassari is an also city rich in art, culture, and history, and is well known for its beautiful palazzo, the fountain of the Rosello, and its neoclassical architecture, such as the Teatro Civico and the Piazza d’Italia.

Other cities with amazing architectural masterpieces are:

  • Alghero (Catalan Gothic Architecture),
  • Nuoro (cathedrals, and museums),
  • Castelsardo (cathedrals and middle ages art),
  • Porto Torres (basilicas and churches).
  • Cala Gonone ( earless seal and museum)

Art Appreciation And Collection

Great art pieces found in some Sardinian cities like:


  • San Sperate (sculpture, street art, and museums),
  • Orgosolo (painting, street art, and art),
  • Collins (modern art, art, museums),
  • Goni (ancient art, prehistory, and art),
  • Solarussa (painting),
  • Lodine (street art),
  • Banari (art)
  • Cala Gonone (Oceanside aquariums with sea creatures)

Beach Visits

Sardinia prides itself on having amazing and captivating beaches. They are:

  • Spiaggia del Lido di San Giovanni beach in  Alghero
  • Bombarde beach, Alghero
  • Spiaggia Capriccioli, Port Cervo
  • Cala Granu, Port Cervo
  • Spiaggia Piccolo Pevero, Port Cervo.
  • Spiaggia La Cinta, San Teodoro
  • Spiaggia di San Pietro, Castelsardo.
  • Piscine Rei pond, Costa Rei.


Suitable camping sites are readily available in some of these communes:

  • Orosei ( camping, surfing, hiking)
  • Siniscola (waterfalls, camping, rock climbing)
  • Arzachena ( camping, hiking)
  • Costa Rei
  • Domus de Maria
  • Arborea
  • Bari Sardo


Sardinia is filled with numerous with caves, rock climbing, and mining areas. There are plenty places you can go on a hiking trip in Sardinia.  These are some of the communes that have plains stipulated specifically for such activities:

  • San Teodoro
  • Nebida
  • Domusnovas
  • Santu Lussurgiu
  • Monti
  • Seui
  • Delana

Domusnovas, grotta di San Giovanni

Museum Excursions

Some notable museums are:

  • Museo d’arte Della Provincia di Nuoro
  • Grazia Deledda’s museum, Nuoro
  • Museo Archeologico Villa Sulcis, Carbonia.
  • Museo della statuaria preistorica in Sardegna.
  • Museo dell’Ossidiana, Pau

Archaeological Sites And Prehistory

Great archaeological sites abound in Sardinia. They include:

  • Neptune’s Grotto
  • Nora, Italy
  • Area archaeological di Tharros, Cabras.
  • Monte Sirai, Carbonia.
  • Parco Archeologico Monte Sirai, Carbonia.
  • Palazzo Zapata, Barumini
  • Museo Archeologico Comprensoriale, Teti

Nature Sites

  • Marine protected area peninsula of Sinis – Isola di, Cabras
  • Capo Mannu, Cabras
  • Parco di Funtana Is Arinus, Laconi
  • Olivastro Millenario, Luras
  • Nuraghi Majori, Luras
  • Parco Naturale Reginale di Monte Arci, Pau.

Outdoor Recreation

  • Forte village resort
  • Costa smeralda
  • Gennargentu National Park