Best Day Trips around Sardinia

Looking for the best day trips in Sardinia?

Come on board as we take you through some of the choice day trips you would love to be on when next you visit Sardinia.

Andrea Jensen

You can book a day on Andrea Jensen and be sure to have a great time as the trip is one of the favorite day trips you can embark on in sardine. From the first moment you set off for the trip, you will be welcomed by the well trained trip guide that will take you through all you need to know about the trip. You will be settled in and served coffee, tea, and freshly baked homemade biscuits while you chat with the guides and get more information about the trip. From here you will sail away from Alghero into the sea, if you are lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming away with their calves and having a good time in the sea.

You will then set sail towards Capo Caccia where you will set anchor in the crystal blue water and take a break from the sea. You will get with snorkels, life jackets, and flippers for a good time. While you take a break, you can spend time snorkeling and swim around the boat with your friends and the boat crew. After you must have had a good time in the water, you will be served lunch by the boat crew. You will get to enjoy beer, local red wine and delicious fresh juice and soft drink. The lunch usually served is the delightful pesto pasta dish.

Once lunch is over, you and the boat crew will set sail back to Alghero. You will be allowed to help out unfurl the sails and hoist the mainsail; this is usually a fun-filled activity as you will learn a lot about sailing a boat through the sea. After navigating through the sea, you will get back to the dock and then bid farewell to the boat crew. This trip is better with the company of family and friends.  you will surely have a good time and will get the value for your money.

You will enjoy great company, good food, and wine and ride in one of the best boats in the region. You cannot afford to miss out on all the fun.

Guide Sardine

Another excellent guide for a good day trip in Sardinia is the Guide Sardinia. Almost everyone who has visited Sardinia has tried out this fantastic day trip. You will be welcomed by the trip guide, who is well trained and very accommodating. He will make sure you get all the necessary information you need for the trip.

From here you will proceed to the vineyard tour, where you would be allowed to move through the vineyard and learn about the processes of making wine. This is usually very educative. After a long walk through the vineyard, you will stop at a lovely tree where you will find get delicious Italian wine, bread, and cheese. This is one of the most exciting parts of the trip. You will seat around the shade and have a good time with your friends. Once you guys finish eating; you will continue the tour and walk down the Cathedral of Santa Maria and other historical places in the city. You will surely have a good time.