Enjoy Birdwatching in Sardinia

The fascination mankind has developed for the migratory process lies in the mystery and beauty that represents these long flights driven by an instinct for survival. Thanks to its ability to migrate and choose the most suitable refuges, the human being can measure the indicator of the planet’s health.

In the history of humanity, we can find examples of this fascination with birds, through symbols and myths, that different cultures such as the Egyptians, the Aztecs, and the Romans were able to represent through deities, omens or amulets.

Where to go to do Birdwatching?

Normally, in the whole region of Sardinia, birdwatching is done, but in Molentargius natural park, popularly known as “Las Salinas de Cagliari” is one of the most important wetlands in southern Italy and is a protected area as it houses a large number of bird species that make their nests in the area.

It’s located in southern Sardinia, near Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena, two of the largest cities on the island. It owes its name to the means used in the past to transport the salt collected in its basins: in “molenti” which, in Sardinian, means donkey.

But not only birds make Molentargius their home, but there are also amphibians, like the frogs, reptiles such as the marsh turtle, the water snake, the yellow-green snake and the common skink, hedgehogs, the weasel, and the wild rabbit add up to the mammals’ list. There are also insects, among them, you’ll find dragonflies, which play an important role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem

But the most characteristic species are its pink flamingos. Many of them have permanent residency, which allows anyone to go in their search at any time of the year, but don’t try to get too close, these majestic birds are shy and will fly away if they feel threatened, so pack up you big lenses.

Pink Flamingos

Flamingos owe their characteristic pink color mainly to the food they eat: small shrimp that live in the lagoon. With their long curved beak, flamingos dig under the sand to collect their food from under the sandy bottom.

They have the ability to stay underwater for several minutes, and they even do that with a funny attitude, picking up a paw high on their feathers, and this makes these animals even more distinctive and fun. Many different species of birds inhabit the lagoon. The Molentargius park for some time has become a destination for professional bird watchers.

Towards the evening, the color show begins. The pink tones take control of the ambiance: a pink sunset joins that of the saline solution, to its old buildings (more of that color), and then they stand out even more because of the color-conflicts caused by the silhouettes of the flamingos.

Depending on the light and the climatic events of the day, each evening, you are indeed in the presence of a different kind of magic, a magic that, although it happens every day, is never the same as the day before, only to be witnessed in Sardinia.