Famous Sardinian Dishes

Sardinia is the 2nd largest Mediterranean island after Sicily. The island has a plenitude of sheep, vegetables, wineries, and of course, seafood. This has incredibly affected its foods so that they are truly tasty. Here are some famous Sardinian dishes for you to consider.

Seafood Fregola – with saffron

The traditions in many parts of Italy favour their pasta recipe, and Sardinia is no different. Fregula (Fregola), which implies breadcrumbs, is a traditional Sardinian pasta made of coarse semolina and made into little balls. It is used in soups or as a base for traditional pasta sauces. The most delectable, however, is unquestionably a seafood fregola with fresh shellfish, prawns, clams, and mussels, and presented with some saffron stock and a chunk of crunchy bread.

Zuppa gallurese – Gallura soup

Zuppa Gallurese or “suppa cuata” or “Zuppa cuata” is a traditional dish of Gallura, the northern district of Sardinia. It is a baked blend of various types of stale bread that is moistened with bovine meat broth, enriched with grated cheese and flavoured with nutmeg, mint, cinnamon, parsley as well as other aromatic herbs. There are several versions to enjoy in Sardinia. The outcome is a wonderful meal with a lasagna-like consistency.

Su Porcheddu – Suckling pig

This is probably the most famous Sardinian dish. Some rules must be followed to make a traditional su porcheddu – the suckling pig must weigh between 4 to 6 kg, should be roasted on a spit for at least 3 hours with myrtle leaves, and served on a rustic cork tray. What a meal!

Spaghetti with Ocean Urchin

This is one of the best Sardinian dishes for fans of raw seafood. It is normally served in the “Ricci di Mare” season which keeps running from November to April during which it is not a taboo to catch sea urchins. The ideal wine to go with this meal is the “Cannonau of Sardinia” which accentuates the taste of the sea urchins.


Also called “gnocchetti Sardi”, it is one of the most prominent pasta in Sardinia. Made of semolina and saffron, Malloreddus are little, elliptical, canny and grooved in order to absorb the tomato and Frankfurter sauce, and finished with ground matured pecorino cheese. Another variety is with cherry tomatoes, flat-leaf parsley, and salted crisp ricotta.

Lamb with artichokes

This is a conventional Sardinian dish, usually prepared during the period of Easter. This tasty lamb meat is extremely elegant when stewed and combined with artichokes and Sardinian Vernaccia wine. The availability of lamb meat and fresh artichokes in Sardinia ensures that you get freshly made dishes.


Bottarga is amongst the famous delicacies of Sardinia initially originating from Cabras, a residential area on the western bank of the island. It is salted and cured mullet roe. You can get thin slices to taste for a start and use it as a dressing for spaghetti o linguine.

Octopus salad

Who wouldn’t love an octopus for an appetizer! This comprises locally sourced octopus and boiled potatoes with celery, olive oil, parsley, garlic, and lemon for dressing.