Food Festivals in Italy

It is not just the food that attracts the crowds that visit Italy each year. Just as they have good foods, they have numerous food festivals. Below are some food festivals in Italy to attend.

Strawberry Festival in Nemi – Between May and June

The festival is world renowned and the residential community of Nemi, nestled in the Roman slopes just overlooking an eponymous volcanic lake is renowned for its beauty as well as for its “fragoline di Bosco”, small wild strawberries with strong sweet flavour found in its forests. An annual Strawberry Festival or “Sagra Delle fragole” takes place in the town around late May and early in June. You get to feast on the delicious strawberries as much as you want.

Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia – 13th and 22nd October

Since 1993, the International Chocolate Festival has been celebrated annually in Umbria’s capital, Perugia. Running for 9 days and attracting hundreds of thousands of Italians and tourists alike, this chocolate festival is one of the largest in the entire Europe. As part of the event, chocolate makers set up stands, offering numerous chocolate snacks including chocolate liqueur, chocolate sculptures, chocolate bricks and some chocolate covered bananas. Notable amongst the events for this festival is the exhibition of Chocolate Sculptures carefully carved from large chocolate blocks by talented artists. If you happen to be there watching how the chocolates are sculpted, you get to eat lots of the cut-out chips. Rome and Turin now also partake in the festival.

Wine Festival in Marino, near Rome – First Sunday in October

Marino is a medieval town known for the great white wine produced in Frascati. The yearly celebration of “Sagra dell’Uva” is a wine festival during which wine is made to flow from the local “fountain of the four moors” instead of water and everyone present gets to taste the Marino wine. On the day of the festival, people usually decorate their balconies with flowers, and the statues at the fountain have their mouths and genitals decorated with grapes. The festival usually incorporates a jousting tournament and a street parade with individuals wearing costumes. As expected, there is an abundance of grape and wine for all.

Gelato Festival in 12 Italian cities – April 21 to September 4

An ice cream festival holds in several Italian cities including Naples, Milan, Torino, Sicily, Puglia, Rome, Tuscany, Turin, and Florence, the home of gelato. Attendees will watch ice cream makers at work, then taste and vote for them. It gets difficult to choose with flavours like Honey Pinenut, Orange, and Mascarpone with Orange and Natural Espresso. At the end of the 4 days feast, the best ice cream is named out of all the contenders.

White Truffle Festival in Alba – October

One of the biggest truffle festivals in Italy, the White Truffle Festival holds in October. After hunters would have dug the ground for the delicious white truffles, the chefs and fans of food will converge at Alba to taste this really rare mushroom. Along with the feasting, there will be a donkey race.

The Battle of Oranges in Ivrea – February

It is the biggest food fight in Italy where nine groups throw oranges at each other in a battle. The events which run from Sunday to Tuesday involves an orange fight, carriages, a young lady chosen as Miller’s daughter, and ends with a solemn funeral