Know Some Water Sports That You Can Enjoy in The Mediterranean

The best option to combat high temperatures and have fun at the same time is to practice nautical activities. They are a good way to get fit, perform physical activity, connect with nature and have fun outdoors with friends, listen to the sound of the ocean and feel the adrenaline boiling through your veins.

On Costa Blanca you will find a wide range of nautical activities for all ages. The excellent beaches and ports, the mild climate and the ideal winds favor their practice throughout the year. In fact, all coastal cities have specialized schools and clubs that promote these disciplines.


This summer the big news is the Flyboard: the new extreme nautical sport. It is a board, with two water propellers on the feet, which allows it to rise, floating in the air, up to 12 meters above the water.

This flexibility allows the person who practices it to make multiple freestyle figures. For those who want pure adrenaline, nothing is better than the flyboard. The most experienced ones perform pirouettes and challenge the laws of gravity with the sea as a safety net. This sport exercises all the muscles on the legs, glutes, abdomen and arms. Ideal for those who want to feel the sensation of flying with absolute freedom since the direction of the Flyboard is given by the inclination of the operator’s legs.

Padel Surf

Last summer, the star modality was the Padel Surf, which this year continues to have many followers and has already become a regular in the Valencian beaches. The Padel Surf consists of paddling on a surfboard. It originated in Polynesia, where its inhabitants move on water by paddling on a board, and the Mediterranean is ideal to practice it, even in the open sea. It is advisable, although not compulsory, to take an introductory course before the first try. Learning the correct posture and how to paddle will reduce the number of falls.

Cable Ski

A summer classic is the Cable Ski, which consists of a cable approximately 170 meters long supported by two towers of about 150 meters. On the two skis, you will feel a sensation similar to snow skiing, but being, in this case, water skiing. With some practice, you can get to ski with a single ski, which is known as “monkey”. With the monkey mastered, you can make big turns and even get to lie on the water. This discipline guarantees unique aquatic sensations.


We can also practice water skiing in the ‘wakeboard’ or ‘wakeskate’, which is similar to the previous one. The Wakeboard is easy and accessible to anyone, guaranteeing strong sensations. It slides on the water on top of a board being dragged with a rope, which is hooked to a boat or a jet ski.

The difference with the Wakeskate is that in the first, your feet are fixed in the board and the second they go loose, therefore, the movement of the body is greater and each can perform pirouettes and jumps.