Sardinia With Kids: Full Guide to Travel the Mediterranean Paradise

Andiamo in Sardegna con i bambini? Sardinia is magical, Sardinia is unique, Sardinia is a Mediterranean paradise to travel and discover with children. This destination does what few destinations can’t, the mixture of the sea and the mountains in an impressive way.

An authentic delight to enjoy with the family throughout the year, traveling without haste, letting go. The advantage is that you’ll need several trips to know everything it offers. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the eighth in Europe and the forty-eighth in the world. It is impossible to see all the places it has to offer in just a month!

When to travel to Sardinia

Before traveling to Sardinia with children, we must know that at the end of July and the first two weeks of August, the island beaches are usually crowded, so it is recommended to travel during the months of June, early July, and September.

Visiting Sardinia with a rented car, will help us discover corners with very few people in the interior of the island, something that is appreciated when we speak of Mediterranean islands, in October the forests show the visitor a polychrome of great beauty, and in spring, the smells and colors of Sardinia are mixed with a pleasant temperature on the coast and fresh in the interior of the island.

Family Trip Destination

If we visit Sardinia with children it is best to forget about the rush, because although the roads and highways are not bad, they don’t have highways that help saving time on the trip, for this reason, we recommend going little by little, enjoying the landscape as you go.

Sardinia’s natural and national parks are wonderful and the beaches with crystal clear waters will invite you to stay a few more days. When talking about accommodations, the interior of the island may not be very populated with hotels and inns, but there are good hostels to stay in towns, and many families rent rooms.

On the coast, it won’t be difficult to find accommodation if you book in advance and the campsites in Sardinia are really practical, this being a more than recommended alternative to the bustle of the big hotels. Since it isn’t a very crowded island in its interior (and in coastal areas as well), there are usually no big problems when it comes to finding accommodation.

How to get to Sardinia

There are several flights from Spain that arrive at the capital, Cagliari and even Alghero, but if you want to arrive by boat, Porto Torres will be your destination. If you arrive by the north, you can take Sassari or Alghero itself as your center of operations.

In Porto Torres, you can find an archaeological area with ruins of Roman baths and the Romanesque San Gavino Basilica. The ferry route from Barcelona – Porto Torres connects Spain with Sardinia. At the moment there is only one ferry company that provides this service, Grimaldi Lines and it allows you to load your car or motorhome without problems.