The Best Festivals in Sardinia

The island of Sardinia has a long and rich festival tradition. Many of the festivals here have significant historical importance to them, but they all promise an enjoyable time. They range from the religious to the ecological, so depending on your tastes you may enjoy some more than others. If you’re planning a trip to the island, you should know which festival is for you. With something happening every month of the year, the only issue is how to choose from so many great events? Keep reading, this article will give you the very best festivals in Sardinia that you won’t want to miss.

Sardinia Carnival

Held in February usually, Carnival can be viewed as the start of the festival year. There’s a raucous celebration of the end of winter, with intimidating masks and staged battles, all in good fun of course.

Sardinia Carnival

Festa di Sant Efisio

Festa di Sant Efisio is a festival that is probably the most significant religious one for island residents. The event is a great chance to see costumes from different villages and admire their handcrafted colorfu. This local tradition commemorates the eponymous saint, who saved the city 300 years ago from the plague. It’s held in May every year, on the first of the months.

Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival, officially called the Musica sulle Bocche Festival, is a must for music lovers. Attendees love that they can experience the beach and great jazz music at the same time. There are Italian performers, but a lot of the festival’s talent is drawn from all corners of the earth, for a truly international flavor and sound. For a younger, hipper crowd, there’s the MSB Fringe, where talented upcoming artists from jazz and related genres get a chance to showcase their skills. Check out this festival every year in August or September on Sardinia’s northern coast. The other major jazz festival on the island is called Time in Jazz and happens in August.

Descent of the Candelieri

One of the most impressive festivals in Sardinia is the “Faradda di li Candelieri”. The picturesque town of Sassari attracts international and local visitors for this festival’s pomp and grandeur every year. The Candelieri are the candle bearers that march through the streets, and each candle is a symbol of their trade or guild. These are no ordinary candles either, they are lavishly decorated and reach many meters into the air. Like Efisio, this festival honors deliverance from a plague – three of them in fact – courtesy of the Lady of the Assumption.

Festa del Mare

Want something a bit more modern? Translated, Festa del mare means “feast of the sea”. It’s a perfect name for this festival that is held in September. Its theme is the environment and the sea. It’s a refreshing change, as it focuses both on public interest’s issues and is educational too. There’s lots of music and art, all local and sustainable.