The Best Seasons to Visit Sardinia

Sardinia is a beautiful island that boasts history, private beaches, and more. It’s one of the rare places you can find a six-month summer. Some seasons are still better than others, depending on how much heat you can tolerate and if you mind crowds. The time of year you decide to visit could also depend on if you are going for the beach, or for the island’s cultural treasures. What is the best season to visit Sardinia? Keep reading to find out.

Spring in Sardinia

April usually boasts a pleasant temperature in Sardinia. May brings the start of sunshine and warmth. The spring is one of the best seasons to visit Sardinia. The sea is warm, and this makes it a popular time for tourists. Depending on how much you consider tourist season a plus, you may enjoy the crowds or want to come a little earlier in the spring to avoid them. Easter also brings a wave of visitors, so you may want to check what date it falls on to plan your holiday.

Summer in Sardinia

The summers in Sardinia are long and hot. June sees a high of 24 degrees (75 F). There’s still a great breeze from the coast, so it never gets completely scorching. The heat and crowds both increase come July and August. You’ll experience highs in the high 20s (mid-80s F).

If you love the heat, August is the overall hottest month. It can reach over 30 degrees (86F)!

If you are on the island during this time, you can take in some of the local festivals during summer as well. These include jazz festivals, Cherry Festival in June, and more.

Fall in Sardinia

Fall in Sardinia is still a warm enough time to go in the water right up until October. With moderate temperatures that range from 25-27 degrees (70s to low 80s F) it could be a great choice for people who don’t like the heat. Bonus: You can get a good deal on hotels now as the summer crowds have gone. Just don’t leave it till too late in the season or you will not be able to enjoy Sardinia’s lovely seawater.

Winter in Sardinia

While not warm enough to bathe, winter is still a great time to visit. November is the start of the cool weather. Expect it to be around 15-17 degrees (59 to 63 F). You can still explore the historic areas in places like Cagliari or do a round of golf.

Another great wintertime activity is Sardinia’s many historic museums. This is off-peak season, so you won’t have to fight any crowds. If you’re interested in a Christmas break, Sardinia is a religious place and the celebrations are full of cultural color. It’s worth knowing, however, that January is the coldest month on the island. The good news is that Sardinia is temperate all year. No matter when you visit you are sure to enjoy. If you’d like some inspiration, check out the many things to do in the island.