The Best Way to Get to Sardinia

Travelling can be fun, exciting, interesting and even adventurous, but it can also be a disaster, an unwanted stress and of course regret if the adequate processes are ignored and not followed.  Have you ever imagined travelling to a place for the first time without guild? Or maybe you have once been in a situation of going to an unfamiliar place without adequate knowledge of how to get there, then you will be able to understand better the effects, dangers, stress and of course extra expenses when this occurs. In this piece, I will mainly focus on a way to avert this occurrence. I will be talking and giving guild on the best way to get to Sardinia a small island that is part of Italy, which is of course a place people, travellers, tourist, etc. visits very often. Being kind of distant from the mainland of Italy, getting there’s a little bit tough and confusing.

Sardinia is about 190 miles from the western coast of the country of Italy, it is an island closer enough to the French island of Corsica than it is to its own country coast. This can be physically seen and examined. If you are in Italy, there are only two ways basically to get to Sardinia, which are either by water (sea) or by air (flight). This article will mainly focus on the options you have to weigh when moving from Italy to Sardinia, a little insight, and not the total full details.

Depending on your location in Italy, your best chance of getting to Sardinia will be by flying, (this does not rule out the option of water/sea travel). The island of Sardinia has almost five airports from which you can choose when visiting. Three of the airports are internationally connected, while the other two are smaller and local.

  • Cagliari Elmas Airport (which is the main airport in Sardinia);
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport;
  • Alghero-Fertilia Airport (northwest of the island);
  • Tortoli-Arbatax Airport;
  • Oristano-Fenosu Airport.

Other airports are: Air One,, Air Berlin, Easyjet, etc. also bigger airlines like Alitalia makes this journey, but their tickets are not cheap compare to others. Let me quickly talk about some flight sample and their prices:

  • Milan Malpensa–Cagliari: the Alitalia, Easyjet and the Meridiana fly in this port. It is a one-way flight, and the estimated flight time is about 1.5 hours at €22.
  • Milan Malpensa–Alghero: air one flies this part, offering a one-way flight with an estimated time of flight to be 1 hour 15 minutes at about €45.
  • Venice–Cagliari: the Alitalia, Meridiana fly or Ryanair offers a one-way flight of about 1.5 hours estimated time of flight at €55.

Getting to Sardinia by ferry is also possible, but it usually takes time of about 7 hours or more. There are few port cities in Sardinia, to be chosen from your destination. Some of them are:

  • Civitavecchia (Rome’s cruise port),
  • Genoa,
  • La Spezia (near the Cinque Terre),
  • Livorno,
  • Naples,