Three Restaurants You Definitely Must Go To If You Visit Sardinia

As you may know by now, the beautiful Sardinia islands hold some of the most delightful landscapes and beautiful pieces of art you’ll ever find when visiting Italy, but did you know about its fine gastronomy?

Throughout the course of history, people have traveled from all over the world to visit Italy and get a first-hand glimpse of their incredibly rich gastronomy, and Sardinia is no exception to that rule. Sardinian wine, for instance, is one of the most famous across the globe, as well as typical meals like the butàriga, aligusta, porcheddu, and, obviously, the sirbone. But, where could you actually taste this exquisite cuisine? Let’s take a look at the top 3 restaurants you should definitely go to while visiting Sardinia:

Pizzeria My Flower

The Pizzeria My Flower is arguably the most popular pizza place in Sardinia. Established in the early ‘50s in Cagliari on a time when pizza wasn’t nearly half as popular as it is nowadays, My Flower helped it become a huge part of the Italian diet, being one of the pioneers in Sardinia when it came to pizza. The first Pizzeria My Flower was located in the Via Dante street, but they moved to Via Cavaro back in 2011 with a fresher, more juvenile look. Also, they now can offer a bigger variety of meals, combining pizzas with salads and meats. You could even taste a very unorthodox pizza with pears and goat cheese. Moreover, contrary to what it may seem, My Flower isn’t expensive at all and their pizzas come in all shapes, tastes, and sizes. They have also plenty of options for vegans, and their homemade desserts are just great.

Su Tzilleri ‘E Su Doge

Su Tzilleri ‘e su Doge is one of those typical old-fashioned Italian taverns where tourists and natives could either spend a night having a couple of drinks or enjoy the fine Sardinian cuisine with their plenty of choices. Founded by Claudio Ara, a veteran chef, this tavern is known for the concept of Slow Food, supporting local producers that advocate for biodiversity and only include local goods on their meals. In this restaurant, you’ll find an old-fashioned typical Sardinian kind of cuisine, combining seafood with some recipes from the mountains: Sardina y Veneto, the best-kept secret of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Azienda Sa Mandra

Since its early days, Sa Mandra has become a true institution in this island, as well as a place every single tourist must visit while in Sardinia if they want to know the true taste of their rich cuisine. Located in the center of a huge ranch, you can also spend the night in Sa Mandra after tasting one of their typical recipes and have a first-hand look of the beautiful tranquility of the city of Alghero.


While Sa Mandra may not be the cheapest choice of this list, the average of 35 euros one must invest here is quite reasonable if you consider the fact that they offer a huge variety of dishes with top-notch ingredients, and portions are meant to feed a lot of people.