Top 5 Islands in the Mediterranean

The beauty of the Mediterranean lies profoundly in its lifestyle, villages, deep history and fun-filled islands. The islands found in the Mediterranean are very rich in local culture. You will see small fishing villages and untouched wildlife parks in this region. So instead of visiting one of those known beaches always crowded for the summer holiday, why not try out some of the islands in the Mediterranean for a significant change. You will surely not regret this change in plan. In other to help you make the right choice, we present to you some of the best islands you will find in the Mediterranean. You will surely enjoy this list.

Sifnos, Greece

The little island of Sifnos is one of the Cyclades Islands in Greece. The Island is always free from bustling ship and doves of tourists that usually besiege the neighboring Santorini. You will find some of Greeceā€™s amazing white-washed villages and quaint churches. If you are looking for a place to take in the highlights of the Mediterranean life, then this is a perfect choice. You will enjoy swimming in the stunning blue waters and relax your soul as you retreat in this location.

Caprera, Italy

The Caprera is another small island and natural reserve located in the La Maddalena Archipelago along the coast of Sardinia. This place is home to so many historical treasures: from housing some of the ancient Roman ships to being the home of the legendary Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the founding fathers of Italian independence. The Isola Caprera also houses some covers like the breath-taking Cala Coticcio, which is said to be one of the most amazing covers in the Mediterranean.

Comino, Malta

The most attractive feature in this remote island is the Blue Lagoon. This lagoon is created naturally by the topography of the region which forms a natural swimming pool that is surrounded by submerged caves and clear blue waters. The island relatively measures slightly less than 1.5 square miles and is just the perfect place for new and veteran swimmers.

Milos, Greece

This is another small island that is part of the Cyclades Islands chain. Bu the Milos is different from all other Islands in that chain due to its unique and beautiful landscapes. The rock formations in the island are as a result of volcanic eruptions that occurred here a long time ago. You will find towering cliffs that shelter the hidden coves of the ever calm blue waters. One of the places you should visit here is the Sarakiniko Beach. This beach is surrounded by wind-smoothed white rocks that heavily contrast the emerald waters.

Columbretes, Spain

The Columbretes Island is a combination of the uninhabited volcanic island located off the coast of Valencia, in Spain. The place is heavily protected and allows a limited amount of visitors each day. The island, however, is one of the untouched natural breeding ground for different varieties of seabirds and other marine lives. The shoreline is always buzzing with marine life; thousands of divers visit here every year for an excellent time in the waters.